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100Tacos Special Pocket Tee

100Tacos Special Pocket Tee

"100 Tacos" special pocket T-shirts have arrived.

Existence "100 Tacos" that is crowded with something in the bicycle area

A handmade T-shirt printed by hand by "Mick Weldon", the chef and owner of "100 Tacos".
Even if you say the owner, you don't have a store.

He is a bicycle business trip Tacos shop.

I go to a bicycle shop, an event, a home party, etc. and act as "Vegan Taocs" with 100% vegetables. It is the coolest because I attach a cart to my bicycle and go on a business trip with "CRUST BIKES".

"100 Tacos Special Pocket Tee" made by such "Mick" one by one.

The red and black gradation colors are beautiful. .. ..

The body is a "BAYSIDE" 6.1oz heavy duty body. 100% cotton. Moreover, it is made in USA.
Completely USA made from print to body.
100% vegan tacos with no compromises like "Mick".

This "100 Tacos Special Pocket Tee" is the original color only for "CRUMB CYCLES".
You can only buy it at our shop. Please consider it.

M size: shoulder width 48 cm, width 48 cm, length 69 cm
L size: shoulder width 54 cm, width 54 cm, length 71 cm
XL size: Shoulder width 54 cm, Width 54 cm, Length 74 cm

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