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26inchlifestyle "RIDESTONED Tee"

26inchlifestyle "RIDESTONED Tee"

A group that loves the 26-inch OLDMTB.
Goods of "26inch lifestyle" are available.

If you like OLDMTB, you may have seen the "RIDESTONED" sticker, which is a parody of a Japanese bicycle manufacturer.



"STONED" does not mean "stone" but has a different meaning.

Actually, this "STONED" is a slang meaning that "sucks leaves and goes high".

"Riding a bicycle and getting high"

Indeed, "RIDESTONED" is a slang for biking.

Let's ride a bicycle this summer




M size: shoulder width 47 cm, width 52 cm, length 67 cm

L size: shoulder width 49 cm, width 54 cm, length 69 cm

XL size: Shoulder width 53 cm, Width 57 cm, Length 70 cm


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