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BXB "Pìccolo"

BXB "Pìccolo"

BXB (Bags by Bird) is a brand from Atlanta, USA.


Handmade one by one by "Jay Ricthey".

Although the number is small because it is produced in small quantities, the bags made with attention to detail such as sewing, materials, and gimmicks are durable and the taste increases as you use them.

The fabric, straps and buckles are all made in USA.
While respecting the classic bike touring bag, it is more durable and weather resistant, with a solid update in functionality as well as capacity.


"Pìccolo" is a compact saddle bag that is easy to match with any bicycle.

A feeling of moderate size is exquisitely easy to use. A convenient size to have.


Since the belt is attached a little lower than a normal saddle bag, it is easy to attach even on a bicycle with narrow tire clearance.

It has a structure that is easy to attach to the front and back.


The capacity is 10.5ℓ, which is large enough to go for a day's ride.

Although it does not become a long flap, it is a flap made with a long feeling and will cover it well even if the luggage increases.

The skeleton of the bag is made of plastic liner and wood, so it has a structure that does not easily lose its shape.
It can be used with or without a rack.


"Waxed Canvas" uses the sturdy "Martexin Original Wax".

It's a very tough material and I'm happy that it can be used for a long time. The more you use it, the more the taste will come out.


If you place importance on the functionality of the bag, there is also an "X-PAC" material.
The weight of the bag itself is lighter than "Martexin Original Wax", and it is also waterproof.


Waxed, which is astringent enough to be used, is also good, and X-PACK, which is light and has excellent water repellency, is also good. .. ..
The carefully made bag is ideal not only for touring but also for city riding.


Size / width: Approximately 33 cm
・ Height: Approximately 23 cm
・ Depth: Approximately 18 cm
・ Capacity: 10.5  L



・ Voile Nano 9 "2 straps

・ 6 foam spacer blocks

・ One nylon strap with buckle


Mounting clearance

・ Front (without rack): Approximately 23 cm from the steering wheel to the tires is recommended

・ Front (with rack): Approximately 13 to 17 cm from the handle to the rack is recommended

・ Rear (without rack): Approximately 23 cm from the saddle belt loop to the tire is recommended

・ Rear (with rack): Approximately 13 to 17 cm from the handle to the rack is recommended


* Please note that there are wrinkles, small scratches, and markings on the sewing machine.
* We also accept back orders for out-of-stock items and non-stock items.
Please feel free to contact us.



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