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Fafrocky "Fleece Cap"

Fafrocky "Fleece Cap"



A hat brand designed with materials and functionality to protect your head, with the motif of "impossible things falling from the sky," which is called the faflotskys phenomenon.


It is a factory brand specializing in hats launched by brothers, and since it is originally produced from patterns and all processes are produced in one factory, it is produced with an emphasis on a comfortable silhouette only for a simple design.


"JAUNTY TILT ... I wear it in a lively style"


Although it is a factory brand, it has its roots in the streets of men such as skateboards, motorcycles, and sake.

Therefore, each person decides how to wear it.

That is a lively style.


Light and soft fabric uses "Polatec" fleece.

The highly functional fleece, which is also used for outdoor brands and military items, is comfortable and soft to wear. It fits your head gently.

It will be a must-have item for fall and winter.


If you lower the long rope, you don't have to worry about the hat being blown by the wind.

A nice gimmick for biking.

A good product with a simple design but both appearance and functionality.


Cap size: 57-58 cm (M)


* S and L sizes are backordered.


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