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Discord Components"Peeper Chromo 30mm"

Discord Components"Peeper Chromo 30mm"

Ultra short reach stem of component brand "Discord Components" by bicycle shop "Analog Cycles" in Poultney, Vermont, USA.


Why was this ultra-short reach stem developed? .. ..

It has its roots in the Wright brothers' bicycle, which invented the plane.


The Wright brothers are famous for developing airplanes, but their main business was a bicycle shop.

They are said to have applied bicycle technology to airplane research while earning the necessary funds for airplane research by running a bicycle shop.


"Analog Cycles", which was investigating the bicycle that the Wright brothers were riding,

I noticed that the bicycle they were riding had some characteristics.


The angle between the seat and the head is extremely sleeping, and a short stem is used.


America in the 1890s is not just paved and easy to drive. Rather, it must have been a rough road like a gravel road.


"Analog Cycles" noticed that this head angle and short stem mean to stabilize the handling by securing the wheelbase.


And the method of securing the wheelbase by letting this head lie down is standard in the modern MTB scene.


So why shorten the stem?


If the stem offset becomes short, I feel that the steering wheel operation may become unstable, but the opposite is true.


By making the stem offset extremely short, the position of the steering wheel goes down to the rear, and the position of the wheel goes out in front of the position of the steering wheel.


This makes it possible to ride with a sense of stability even if the actual wheelbase does not change.


In other words, if you want a stable ride. .. ..


"Large frame + short reach stem"


This combination is the correct answer.


You can see that the short reach stem is a good match for adventure rides that carry heavy loads and run long distance gravel.


At first glance, the stem of "Discord Components" has a strange and overkill feel.

In fact, it is a stem developed by a lot of research and research.


Please try and experience the ride comfort.

A surprisingly easy-to-ride stem.



・ Made in USA

-Handmade at "Alex Meade Bikeworks" in Massachusetts.

・ Column diameter: 1-1 / 8 ahead

・ Handle clamp: 31.8mm

・ Protrusion: 30 mm
・ Stack height: 125mm
・ Column length required for installation: 55 mm

・ Material: Chromoly stem

・ Welding: Fillet welding

* Face plate bolt tightening torque: 6Nm (tighten with "X" pattern)

* Stairer bolt tightening torque: 6Nm
* Cannot be used with carbon handles or carbon columns.

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