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Fifth Season "Squall Sack Basket Bag"

Fifth Season "Squall Sack Basket Bag"

Bag brand "Fifth Season" by "Analog Cycles"


The "Fifth Season" pursued a classic, durable bag that could withstand the harsh environment of Vermont.


Thin and lightweight fabrics, waterproof vinyl fabrics, plastic buckles, etc. .. ..

They are certainly functionally superior.

But in a hard environment, those modern things can be mismatched.

Thin and lightweight fabrics can easily puncture tree branches.

A material that is more resistant to damage and can be handled roughly even if it is handled hard, rather than a material that is excellent in lightness and water repellency.

The answer was waxed canvas.

The "Fifth Season" bag uses waxed canvas to achieve both strong durability and water repellency.

It can't be torn even if you handle it hard.
If the water repellency drops, you can wax it again.

The more you use it, the better the taste will come out.
A bag that enjoys aging.
I think it's very nice.



Such a "Fifth Season" basket bag.

This is also a waxed canvas that was unlikely.


The classic atmosphere goes well with the chromoly frame.

It's a basket bag, but it's boxy, so it's easy to use.

Although it is a roll top, the unique shape that fastens both ends of the bag with metal fittings is also interesting.


I think it would be nice to use it as a tote bag or shoulder bag.


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