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Gary’s Projects "GARYOTA SHOK Tee"

Gary’s Projects "GARYOTA SHOK Tee"

Australia's cool OLDMTB enthusiast "Garys. Projects"


He loves OLDMTB and conveys its charm and enjoyment through restoration and riding.

A drastic design that prints "Gary" itself with the suspension of a major American manufacturer as a motif.

The more I see it as surrealism, the more addictive it feels.

An item with outstanding impact that you will never forget once you see it.


M size: shoulder width 46 cm, width 50 cm, length 72 cm

L size: shoulder width 52 cm, width 55 cm, length 76 cm

XL size: Shoulder width 56 cm, Width 60 cm, Length 78 cm


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