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HOBO PIECES "The Restuvus"

HOBO PIECES "The Restuvus"

"The Restuvus" of the parts brand "HOBO PIECES" from the east coast of the United States is in stock.

The bike packing accessory "The Restuvus" made by the uncle who loves touring "Chad Roddy" is a bag group that is attached to the saddle rail to fix the saddle bag.

Until now, the bag loops have been represented by metal fittings, but this "The Restuvus" has an outstanding presence with rugged aluminum CNC processing and alumite color. I want to see it as it is without attaching a bag.

Installation is a simple structure that is fixed to the rail with two bolts.

It is an item that gives individuality to the power under the edge that firmly fixes a large saddle bag.

Parts weight: 118g 
Load capacity: MAX 9kg 
* Carbon rail cannot be installed


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