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HUNGRY "Big Lunch V 2.69"

HUNGRY "Big Lunch V 2.69"

"HUNGRY" is a handmade bag brand from Sydney, Australia.

Brand founder "Harry" has a close relationship with "Crust Bikes Australia"
"Harry" himself is also a bike packer who rides CRUST and enjoys hard adventure rides.

Of course, bicycles and bags used in harsh environments must be tough.
There are some things that you cannot understand or new discoveries unless you actually experience them.
"Harry" makes use of the experience and know-how of adventure riding and puts the experience cultivated there into his own bag.

"I like to make what I want to use, and I feel most happy when someone sympathizes with it."

The "Harry" bag, which says so, has a very thoughtful design and gimmick.
Picking up his bag conveys his passion for the bag.

"Big Lunch V 2.69"


An improved version of "Big Lunch V 2.0" "Big Lunch V 2.69"

As a big improvement, the German "fidlock" magnet buckle was adopted for the buckle. When the buckles are brought close to each other, the buckles are automatically locked by the magnetic force of the magnet.

This makes it easy to open and close the lid with one hand, making it easier to put in and take out luggage.

You can easily adjust the length of the rope by pressing the button in the center of the buckle.


In addition, another pocket has been added in "V 2.69".

Ideal for storing smartphones, wallets, keys, mobile tools, etc.

The bag is sturdy and has a zipper, so it's nice to be able to put it in and out while riding. Adopted a waterproof zip that prevents water from entering as well as a zipper.



"Big Lunch" can be used as a handlebar bag by storing the waist strap with the mesh pad inside the bag.


Installation comes with two 6-inch VOILE straps and a cord for looping into the head tube.

The mounting position of the VOILE strap is easy to adjust, and it can also be mounted on the saddle by using the "BROOKS" or "HOBOPIECES" bag loop stay.

It is a multi-waist bag that can be attached to various places depending on the idea.


Wallets, smartphones, keys, mobile tools, tubes, rice balls, bread, snacks, etc.
You can fully enjoy gravel and touring by putting it in this one bag.

A roll top is used to open and close the back.
The choice of roll top for waist bag is novel.
But this roll top is the correct answer.
It's easy to open and close with one touch, and it's really easy to put in and take out luggage.
In addition, the contents of the bag can be expanded by using a roll top.
I'm happy to be able to handle sudden increases in luggage.

Also, I was impressed with how easy it was to adjust the waist belt.
The buckle makes it easy to install and remove, but
You can easily loosen it by pulling the D-can next to the buckle.
I am impressed when I bring the waist bag attached to my back to my stomach.

It is also a gentle consideration that there is a cushion in the part where the bag hits the back.
You won't get tired even if you wear it for a long time.

100% floating liner is used for the inner fabric, so
It is safe even if you are hit by sudden rain. It prevents the bag from getting wet.

Shoulder for everyday use. If you want to enjoy gravel to your heart's content, waist.
Please choose the usage according to the application. How to use it to your heart's content.

Personally, if you ride a bicycle, I recommend using it as a waist bag.

A little MTB uncle-like feeling is fresh and cool now.
And above all, the waist bag was really convenient! ?? I'm interested in it.
The goodness of the waist bag that you can see when you use it.
With just one "Big Lunch", you can easily go on an adventure at any time.

It is the perfect bag for you who are naughty and naughty.


・ Multi-waist bag that can be attached to the handle or saddle ・ One-touch opening and closing with a roll top, the contents of the bag can be expanded ・ Easy and smooth belt adjustment ・ Cushion with a thickness of 6 mm gently protects the back ・ 100% floating liner Prevents water from entering the bag ・ The outside is made of 1000d nylon (with 300d polyester lining) and has a very strong body.

・ Two 6-inch VOILE straps and cord included

Width: 30 cm
Vertical: Approximately 18 cm (roll top closed), 34 cm (roll top released)

Capacity: 4-5L

* Tags and details may change depending on the lot. please note that.
* We also accept back orders for out-of-stock items and non-stock items.
Please feel free to contact us.


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