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HUNGRY "The Muncher Side Pocket Ver"

HUNGRY "The Muncher Side Pocket Ver"

"HUNGRY" is a handmade bag brand from Sydney, Australia.

Brand founder "Harry" has a close relationship with "Crust Bikes Australia"
"Harry" himself is also a bike packer who rides CRUST and enjoys hard adventure rides.

Of course, bicycles and bags used in harsh environments must be tough.
There are some things that you cannot understand or new discoveries unless you actually experience them.
"Harry" makes use of the experience and know-how of adventure riding and puts the experience cultivated there into his own bag.

"I like to make what I want to use, and I feel most happy when someone sympathizes with it."

The "Harry" bag, which says so, has a very thoughtful design and gimmick.
Picking up his bag conveys his passion for the bag.

"The Muncher"

At first glance, it looks like a simple stem bag, but
It is packed with the ideas and commitment of "Harry".

First of all, "HUNGRY"'s original "CYBERIAN CORDLOCKS" mechanism (patent application)
A normal stem bag unlocks with one hand and pulls the cord to open and close it,
The "CYBERIAN CORDLOCKS" mechanism of "HUNGRY" does not require such annoying operations.

Pull the yellow cord to release it, and pull the black cord to close it.

All you have to do is pull the yellow or black cord.
Is there such a simple and lean mechanism? I was a little impressed.
In other words, "The Muncher" is a greedy bag that you can open and close while riding and you can eat and drink.

And the capacity of the bag is 1.7ℓ! !!

It's a capacity that makes you wonder about your ears, but it actually fits in quite a bit.
A feeling of size that 1.5 liters of cola fits comfortably. It looks like 500mℓ ...
There is no core material in the body, so there is plenty of room for it.
Still, there is still room in the width, so the number 1.7ℓ is probably true.

"The Muncher" = munching eater

As the word says, with this "The Muncher", you can munching on food and drink.
It is a stem bag that is very satisfying for gluttons.

Height: 22 cm
Width: 10-12 cm
Made in Sydney

* Please fix it to the stem and handle with the attached velcro.
* Tags and details may change depending on the lot. please note that.
* We also accept back orders for out-of-stock items and non-stock items.
Please feel free to contact us.


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