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RITCHEY "WCS VentureMax XL Blatte"

RITCHEY "WCS VentureMax XL Blatte"

"RITCHEY" Super Wide Gravel Drop "WCS VentureMax XL Blatte"


The width is comparable to "Towel Rack Bar" of "CRUST BIKES".

The gravel will give you an outstanding sense of stability.

It's good to have a short reach and a shallow drop. Easy-to-use shape.

Since the flat part is tapered, it seems that you can ride comfortably if you put your palm on it.

A drop handle that is quite full of current feelings and is attacking.

The clamp diameter is 31.8mm, so it's perfect for people who want to explode gravel.

Needless to say, the compatibility with the stem of "Discord Components" is the best.


Clamp diameter: 31.8mm
Size: 520mm (end to end)
Color: Blatte
Weight: 305g
Drop: 102mm
Reach: 75mm
Flare: 24 °
Back sweep: 4.6 °


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