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STRIDSLAND "94 bcd narrow wide"

STRIDSLAND "94 bcd narrow wide"

"STRIDS LAND" with a modern arrangement using cool OLD MTB and vintage parts from the 90's.


"Matias Stridsland" is a Danish cyclist who loves OLDMTB culture.



"KOOKA", "Middleburn", "RACEFACE", "CODA", etc. .. ..


All the MTB cranks of the 90's are outstandingly cool.

However, many chainrings have PCD94, which was difficult to obtain in modern times.


Moreover, there are almost no chainrings to use with a front single. .. ..


He wanted to use the PCD94 crank for the front single custom, but he couldn't control his desire and produced it himself to make a chainring.


I'm just grateful.


A narrow wide chainring for using the ultra-retro and cool PCD94 MTB crank with a front single.



Attach the chainring to the outer or middle position according to the chainline of the frame.


The chainring is lightened, but the direction of travel is not fixed.

Please use it with your favorite side facing up according to the crank.


・ Supports 9 to 12 speeds

(Please note that the chain tends to come off in 6th to 8th gears.)

・ Made in Poland


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