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Studio ROOK "ROOK Sticker Set"

Studio ROOK "ROOK Sticker Set"

"Studio ROOK" is a USED motorcycle reconstruction space in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. A hangout for the lovers.


The owner "Rokus Wilmink" began to restore his own "Gazelle" vintage bike in 2013, which he inherited from his grandfather.

He found himself immersing himself in a bike while tinkering with the vintage "Gazelle", and a year later he quit his job and started a workshop in a dimly lit underground garage.

That is the beginning of "Studio ROOK".


He sees the potential in rebuilding USED bikes.


This sticker means "bicycle will last a lifetime " .


"One Less Disposable"

This is intended to be a rebuilt and carefully treated bike.

It shows that you are an earth-friendly person who values things.


"Positive Patina"

If your bicycle gets scratched or rusted, stick it on.

Aged deterioration is also a taste. The idea that scratches are also an art.

Scratches and rust are the history of bicycles' efforts.


"Banana Man sticker"
Original character "Banana Man" with a banana motif

There is no particular deep meaning here, and the exquisitely loose pattern is the best 😂

It's good that all of them have a size and design that makes it easy to attach to the frame.
Stick it on your favorite place such as seat tube, top tube, and fork.


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