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A new model of "TOWEL RACK BAR", a super wide handlebar of "CRUST BIKES", is in stock.


The width is a little narrower than the conventional one, and the drop is shallower and improved.

This makes the lower hand very easy to grip. It is possible to firmly grip the brake lever even when gripping the lower hand.


The shape is easier to handle while maintaining the wild atmosphere.


The advantage obtained by widening the handle width is the stability of handle operation.
If you drive a hard gravel on a motorcycle loaded with pannier bags or baskets, the steering wheel operation will naturally become unstable.
By widening the handlebar width, stable driving becomes possible and you can enjoy dirt touring more.

The next advantage is to secure the load capacity.
In recent touring bikes, it is common to use a handle bag or basket for packing.
With a normal handle, the lever interferes with the luggage and the number of loads is limited, which causes various harmful effects.
With "TOWEL RACK BAR", you can run without worrying about lever interference and steering wheel operability.

At first glance, the handle width, which seems to be too wide, also makes sense.

Clamp diameter: 26.0mm
Handle width: 600mm, 630mm, 660mm (outside-outside)

Flare: 25 °

Reach: 100mm

Drop: 105mm

Back sweep: 12 °

Upsweep: 10 °

Weight: 600mm = 394g | 630mm = 402g | 660mm = 414g


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