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WIDEFOOT "Cargo Mount"

WIDEFOOT "Cargo Mount"

A new Anything Cage from "Widefoot Design".

This "Cargo Mount" can be used in combination with the "Voile Strap" to firmly fix various cylindrical objects such as bottles, sleeping bags and tents to the frame and fork.

I'm glad that two "Voile straps" are included.

The material is lightweight and durable aluminum.
There are four colors: black, purple, mint green, and orange.
The durable powder coating makes the colorful paint look like it is now.
It seems to add just the right accent to the bike.

"Widefoot Design" unique "3x3" structure mounting slot
You can fine-tune the mounting position at multiple positions on the frame or fork with the 3-bolt dowel.

Material: Aluminum Weight: 71g
Made in USA

* Voile strap is also included. The color is random.

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